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Opening in Kingman Fall 2023

  • What are your rates?
    Please see our Pricing tab for more information.
  • Are reservations required for Boarding and Daycare?
    Yes! We require at least 24 hours notice pending open availability on our schedule. 4-6 weeks advance notice is recommended during holiday seasons to ensure availability for the dates you need to schedule.
  • Can I schedule a tour?
    Yes! Tours are available when dropping off your pup for a Meet and Greet.
  • What is a Meet and Greet?
    A Meet and Greet is a 2-hour long series of temperament tests to ensure your pup feels comfortable with us in the environment we have created and around other dogs. Meet and Greets are required for all dogs before their scheduled stay. There is no charge for a meet and greet. Meet and greets are held on Saturdays during either our AM or PM slots: 7am - 10am 4pm - 7pm We have limited spots available each Saturday and they fill up quickly so contact us to book now!
  • What should I bring for my dog’s overnight stay?
    Make sure your dog has enough food and enough of any required medications for their entire stay. You may bring personal items such as blankets or toys. If we notice your dog chewing or destroying their belongings, we may need to remove them to ensure your pup’s safety.
  • What if I need to extend my boarding stay unexpectedly?
    If your boarding stay needs to be extended, please let us know as soon as possible by giving us a call or sending us a text or email so we can accommodate your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

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